How to Write a Blog Post (The Long Way)
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Wake up. Stretch. It occurs to me for oooh about the 40th day in a row that I still haven’t written that post.

Get up. 

Think I’m so very clever because I plan to trick myself into writing it by taking my laptop with me to the coffee shop – sort of kill two birds with one stone type of thing – coffee and creativity . I ride to the coffee shop, reach into my back pack, there is no laptop.  I am no longer pleased with myself. 

I go for a long bike ride anyway.  I have time.  I can write later. I can always write later.

I am home again.  I am resolved.  I am at my computer.  I am ready. 

I notice the floor is a bit dusty.  No, actually, it’s really, really dirty!  So, I get out my trusty Roomba and I’m about to press ‘clean’ and let it do it’s human-free job when I notice the wheels are a bit chocked up with Scully (my dog) hair and the actual dirt collection compartment looks a bit full.  I think about how much I appreciate that machine. How it saves me time. How it is so perfectly reasonable and undemanding. It just goes about it’s whirling little life cycle, collecting dust and dirt so I don’t have to. I really like that machine. I realise I am actually in love with it. Smitten, I am. What an amazing invention. It’s right up there with dryers and coffee machines.

I am not writing the blog.

I go outside and empty the dust collection compartment. I stand at the bin for a while pulling out the hair.  

  The post is not being written. 

As I’m pulling out Scully hair, I notice the air has warmed up now and there’s a lovely spring kind of breeze blowing and I think about how much I love my place because even though I’m quite close to the city I can’t hear much traffic today and Scully is running up the

path, and she looks so cute, like a big fluffy bunny and I feel peaceful.  I am happy. I’ve had some down days lately, but I am happy right now and that feels so good.

But…the blog post is not being written.  

I head inside. I often remember teachers notes on numerous primary school report cards that said ‘Melissa would do so much better if she could focus on her school work. She is so easily distracted.’ Some things stick with you for life. I’m a creative. I am supposed to be hard to pin down. It is expected that I can’t just sit still and do one thing at a time and just get the job done. What am I, a machine? No! I am a human being….being…distracted as fuck.

I press ‘clean’ for real this time and the Roomba is whirring away.  It’s noisy, but that hasn’t bothered me when I am in writing mode at other times.  It’s not bothering me today.  It’s comforting actually. I am thinking about the comforting sounds of the Roomba and still…


I write two sentences and then I hear the familiar ‘ping’ of an email arriving.   Of course I check it out.  Spam.  Damn.  

I go back to the blog.  It’s about recovery.  I’m telling people I had a problem with alcohol. It’s hard to write.  I don’t want to remember.  It will help others if I do. I stare at the screen.

Just write anything I’ve been told. If you are stuck, just write until it flows…I start again…. Away I go, and then the post is finally written.

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